Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation 64GB Audio/Video Player Review

My Apple iPod Touch with 64GB storage has always been my companion. I may leave my mobile phone, but I’ll make sure my iPod is with me.

When my friend got her new iPhone and we compared out gadgets she was surprised to notice that my iPod basically has all features that iPhone has.

Apple iPod Touch 64GB ReviewOne of the few features that makes iPhone superior is the phone function.

In other words if you are near WiFi access point, your 5th Gen Touch can do everything iPhone can. Except making a call.

Available Colors

Previous generations of Touch audio player were available only in black and white.Gen 5 players are are available in many more colors:

  • white
  • black
  • yellow
  • pink
  • blue
  • black/silver

Most Important Feature

Aside from the fact that I love my music, it also serves as a playbook and in a way, a way of communication. I think the features in the Touch are everything I need and want.

First off, what I like about this media player is that I can put almost my complete collection of music in it. That is a big thing for me since I really like listening to music and I have a large collection of it, so iPod makes it possible for me to carry them around everywhere.

Other Features

The other features are all extra for me, like it is not entirely required to have it there but it is still good to have it there, just in case. Like for the games that can be downloaded, I am not a hard-core.

Actually I just play games to ward off boredom or to entertain myself whenever I am waiting for someone, so the games that are available for this device is more than enough for me.

Aside from the games, the iPod Touch also has a video feature. The screen is big enough for you to watch a movie or a music video. Though I rarely use this one (since I still prefer watching movies or videos on my TV), this is good for substitute for last minute viewing.

What About Online Communications?

iPod touch 5th GenerationYou can also download Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and other social networking sites to your Touch player for easy access.

For everything else, you can use the Safari for browsing other websites.

There is also an E-mail feature, where in you can set it up to sync in your e-mail. The set up for this is super easy. All of these can be accessible using the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

From the name itself, the iPod Touch player has a touch screen. Being a user of Apple iPod since it was launched in the market, the touch screen for this model really takes the Apple experience to the next level.

I highly recommend the iPod Touch media player, if you like carrying your music all around. It makes a good companion during those lazy days.

Customer Reviews

The Apple iPod Touch needs no prior introduction. It is perhaps the most popular handheld device of all time, and has successfully created an unbeatable line of diehard fans.

This 5th generation model is an improvement from all older versions, and supports advanced features and new apps, which have never been seen before in any other Apple product. The Touch is very slim, and with 64 GB of memory space, it can be used for virtually anything.

The lack of a GPS is disappointing, considering the many expectations it has upheld, and it is considered as one of the few cons that this magical machine can possibly have.