OPPO Blu Ray Player Reviews For 2018


If you want to get more out of your DVD and BD discs and free your room of those unsightly wires, the OPPO BDP-83 Blu-ray Player is one of the best choices.

It has all the powerful features you could ask for in an HD player plus more!

OPPO BDP-83The player loads fast and accepts your discs without any problem.

OPPO BDP-83 Video Performance

Like other players, BDP-83 also plays Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, SACDs, and DVD-Audio discs. The crystal clear video output of BDP83 is due to the chipset provided by Anchor Bay.

It processes in incredible speed allowing fast reading of every disc you put in this player.

The picture quality is amazing. It supports your HD 1080p resolution and will still play 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i. What makes it more outstanding is its ability to upscale DVDs.

Your standard definition will never be the same again. Your BDP-83 will upscale your standard definition material into high definition output. Up-converting can sometimes be a problem for some HD players but the BDP-83 does a great job.

What’s more is that you can access your BD-Live content with this player’s support for Blu-Ray Profile 2.0 as well as its 1 gigabite memory and audio/video decoder.

Aside from getting cinematic viewing experience, you can also enter another world of entertainment, online. You can gain access to Internet chats, games and a whole lot of other features.

Audio Output

OPPO BDP83 reviewTo make your cinematic experience even better, the BDP-83’s high-fidelity audio will take you away!

The player supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. With this, you’ll be getting superb sound effects from your player.

Not all players can play DVD-Audio and SACD, but the BDP83 Blu-ray Disc Player does. If you love music, this will be a great advantage for you. These audio formats have better quality than CDs and with your player, you are provided with stereo and multi-channel audio.

The player has a black sleek design, a great accent to your home décor. It has an ergonomic remote for comfort and easy playbacks.

The remote also has a backlight so you will have no difficulty finding your way through the buttons if you have turned the lights off in your room.

The BDP-83 has multiple connections at the back so you can attach your USB drives, analogs and other connectors at the rear. Save a lot of space by acquiring an all-in-one player such as this one!

Customer Reviews

OPPO BDP83 is a universal Blu-ray disc player that supports a wide variety of formats.

This feat alone is enough to make dedicated users go wild about this product. In addition to an array of compatibility and support, the menu contains a range of controls that allows editing of various kinds.

It loads fast, and never causes hassle when playing a music track or recorded clips of choice.

It does seem to glitch when excessively using the fast forward and fast reverse features, but otherwise, the OPPO BDP83 is a complete package in the name of a multimedia player.

There are several hundreds of customer reviews about this gadget on Amazon.com. Majority of them has given OPPO-83 maximum possible 5 star rating.



Oppo BDP-93 is ready to play almost any disc media including BD, DVD, CD, SACD DVD-Audio and many other digital files.

OPPO BDP93It is able to play quality picture and sound no matter what the format is. The BDP-93 player is versatile as you can stream content from Netflix or Blockbuster on Demand, has USB and eSATA ports for your external drives and connectivity including dual HDMI 1.4.

3D Capabilities

Enjoy your latest and greatest Blu-ray discs and 3D formats (3D television and glasses are needed for watching the 3D videos) with the BDP93.

The player also supports BD-Live (Profile 2.0) with Ethernet or wireless networking and a gigabyte of storage. Picture-in-picture feature while the movie is playing is enabled thanks to its BonusVIEW feature.

Picture Enhancement Options

OPPO BDP93 reviewYou will be able to have a great viewing experience as BDP93 has incorporated Marvell’s Kyoto-G2 video processor is able to show videos that are free of noise and other disturbances.

There are various enhancement options such as voice noise reduction, compression artifact reduction, intelligent color, detail, contrast and edge enhancements.


For versatile installation options, the Oppo player has been equipped with two HDMI outport ports.

You will also not need to upgrade your A/V receiver to a 3D model as the player has corresponding ports for whatever type of television it is that you have – be it HD, 3D or a projector.

Another great feature is Oppo’s firmware which automatically updates through wireless connection. You will not have to wait for month before you are able to upgrade it as the Blu-ray Disc Player will do that automatically on your behalf.

Prices and Availability

This player has various features but it is simple to use. You probably won’t need the help of the wizard that much when using your Oppo player for the first time.

Oppo BDP93 is priced between the affordable and the high end players, but you will definitely be able to say it is worth every penny that you will spend for it.

Customer Reviews

OPPO BDP-93 may just be an advanced version of the popular BDP-83, but its advanced features and improved style has made it so much more.

In the line of home theater devices, the need for the perfect Blu-ray disc player is fulfilled with this machine. The display contains all the information a user might require, and the combination of smooth operation and useful controls give a whole new meaning to the viewing experience.

The quality in which it plays both audio and video is top notch, and it has been the subject of many praises among the experienced buyers. It supports streaming from movie database websites, such as Netflix, and it does not lag at any given time.

Both the input and output functions are worth numerous compliments; made even better with excellent HDMI support. It allows several connections at once with multiple ports, which allows it to be used with just about any modern media device.

In all instances, but a seemingly slower loading time, the BDP-93 trumps the younger Oppo BDP-83 model. It is a step ahead of all older models, and if customer reviews are worth anything, this is one product that will gain continued success in the near future.