Panasonic TV Reviews

If you want to get the most out of your TV, you must be very critical when it comes to choosing your TV.

I know you will be spending most of your time in front of your television so you better pick the right television.

Panasonic Viera 50" LED TVConsider a Panasonic Viera 50 Inch LCD TV when you are going out to buy yourself an HDTV.

This line of televisions from Panasonic has powerful features that are bound to delight your senses when you are watching your favorite shows and movies.

Don’t waste your money on an inferior TV. Get the best television that fit right into your budget. You also have to take into consideration the features you can live without to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Panasonic TC-P50GT25 50-Inch Plasma TV

Experience the 3D world with this television from Panasonic. The 50-inch TV is full of great features that will surely give you the value for your money.

Incredibly vivid imagery and clear sound delivery is what Panasonic prioritizes so you get to enjoy every minute of your viewing.

  • Full 1080p HD resolution with 16:9 Aspect ratio
  • VIERA Cast Internet TV services
  • Vivid images with minimal reflection
  • Full 3D HD for crisp 3D effects
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Infinite Black Panel increases contrast
  • 600 Hz for Ultra-fast motion

Panasonic TCP50VT25 / TC-P50VT25 / TC-P50VT25 TCP50VT25 50-Inch Plasma 3D TVs

Getting the right equipments for your home theater system is not that easy. You have to be careful in picking the pieces one by one so that you enjoy watching your favorite movies better.

Find the TV that offers you expanded connectivity options so that you are not limited to watching cable and your DVD collection only.

  • Full 3D HD picture
  • Lifelike 3D viewing experience with the Frame Sequential Technology
  • With 5 000 000:1 Native Contrast
  • WiFi Ready
  • With 4 HDMI inputs
  • Great Picture and Sound Quality

Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ85U 50″ Plasma HDTV

The 3D technology is now available for your home. You do not have to go to the cinema to see the latest 3D movies on screen.

Get your own 3D television such as this one so that you enjoy 3D in the comforts of your own home.

  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio up to 1 000 000:1
  • Anti-Reflective Filter
  • With SD card slot
  • Viera Link for easy control of your devices
  • Has 3 HDMI inputs
  • 1920 x 1080p resolution

Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-P50X1 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

Ideal for sports, movies and even gaming, the Panasonic X1 series is the best TV that will surely give you optimal entertainment.

Enjoy the vivid color and amazing sound of this TV. Get one and turn your living room into a theater.

  • SD Card slot for Viera Image Viewer
  • With over 2 000 000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 720p Resolution
  • 600Hz Subfield Drive
  • With Game Mode
  • 100 000 hr panel life

Getting a cinematic viewing experience in your own home is not impossible now that technology has advanced.

The Panasonic Plasma Viera 50 inch high-definition plasma televisions will surely transform your living room into a theater.

Panasonic Viera 50 Inch Plasma HDTV Choose what HDTV fits into your budget and offers the features you want to get.

There is a wide variety of television models now and you just might get confused on what to purchase.

So, before you go out and buy your Panasonic TV, you must know the basic features each model have. This article will surely help you out.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P50G25 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

When you are sitting in front of your TV all day long, shows and movies and sports might wear you out. How about getting a TV that has expanded connectivity features? This way, you are not limited to the entertainment sources provided by your cable.


  • VIERA Image Viewer with SD Slot
  • VIERA Link for interlinked Operation
  • Infinite Black Panel for Deep Blacks
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080p Resolution
  • 50 inch Full-Color Plasma Screen
  • 2 Full Range Speakers

Panasonic TC-P50S2 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

With a WiFi ready TV, you can hook up to the Internet without difficulty and you can get access to sites that will provide you with more entertainment options. You can now look for other ways to keep you entertained 24/7.


  • NeoPDP filter for improved luminance
  • 1080 Moving Picture Resolution
  • 600Hz SubField Drive for Ultra Fast Motion
  • Native 2 000 000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 3 HDMI outputs (1 on the side)
  • Surround Sound capabilities

Panasonic TC-P50C2 50-Inch Plasma HDTV

Transform your living room into a different world of entertainment. You can sit back and enjoy your movies or play with your teammates in your gaming console. You can now also see your videos and pictures on the widescreen.


  • 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • VIERA Image Viewer directly from an SD memory card
  • 600Hz Sub-field Drive Technology
  • 720p HD resolution
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 1 digital audio output, 2 component, 2 composite
  • Includes removable stand

Panasonic TC-P50U2 50-Inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

Enjoy the amazing color and sound of a Full HD television. Panasonic brings you a great line-up this year so you can simply choose which of those have the features you want.


  • 50-inch Plasma HDTV with full 1080p HD resolution
  • With 3 HDMI Inputs
  • Game Mode for Quicker Response
  • VIERA Image Viewer for JPEG slideshows
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • Plasma Life: 100 000 hours