Samsung BD-C5500 Blu Ray Disc Player Review

If your friend is a movie buff, you’d find a high-performing player in his home.

If you share the same hobby as your friend, then, you must also possess a great player.

Samsung BD C5500Something that will meet more than your movie watching needs.

Something that offers a great deal more that comes with a reasonable price tag!

Something like Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray disc player.


If you have a collection of Blu-Ray movies, this is the best time to watch them all in this Samsung BD-C5500 blue ray player. Or even regular DVDs can be up-converted by this gadget with no quality compromise. You’ll find amazing picture quality as well as sound effects.

What makes this player very delightful is its capability to stream high-definition movies from your PC to your HDTV.

If you want to use a wi-fi connection to sync up your computer and your DVD player, you might find some interference while watching a movie or a YouTube video from your computer. But, if you have some way to reduce such interference, you can go ahead and use a wireless connection.

The AllShare feature of this appliance allows you to sync up your household from your PC, DVD player and HDTV or home theater system. This way you get to stream your contents straight to your widescreen HDTV and see everything with amazing clarity.

BD and DVD Playback

Samsung BD C5500 featuresThe C5500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player allows you more than watch the movie that came in a Blu-Ray disc.

It also gives you the opportunity to add other features into movie disc because it is BD-Live ready.

That means, you can download other features and put that into the disc that has the movie using an Internet connection. A BD-Live player gives you great advantages.

If you are a multi-tasker, then your DVD player should be too. Your old player lets you watch your movies and play your audio then it ends there.

If so, this is a player that you should have because of the fact that you can text-chat with your friends while watching a movie so you can share what’s happening. Or, play online games with them right into your HDTV.


  • Slim Design (39mm)
  • WiFi Ready (optional Wireless Adapter not included)
  • 1 HDMI and 2 USB outputs
  • BD-Live (Profile 2.0)

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Aside from the powerful features mentioned above, there are widgets that this player supports.

  • Pandora – Listen to your favorite songs from Pandora. You can even rate those songs while they are playing. Stream them through your BD player and rock the house with your music.
  • BLOCKBUSTER – Rent movies from BLOCKBUSTER. Get the latest movies online whenever you feel too lazy to go get them yourself from the nearby BLOCKBUSTER shop.
  • Netflix – Whether you want some drama, horror, thriller or comedy movies, you can stream them from Netflix using the Samsung BD C5500 Blu Ray Player through to your HDTV. Even if the contents are 720p, they will still look and sound great on 1080p thanks to this device.
  • Facebook, Twitter,etc – Keep in touch with the rest of the wold with your social networking sites. No need to run to your PC every time you want to check new statuses and pictures uploaded by your friends.

Differences Between BD-C5500 XEU and XAA Models

Samsung is using SKU extensions like XEU and XAA to indicate the region where the product is sold.

XEU stands for European versions, and XAA is US version. In case of BD C5500 there will be different power cords, instruction manuals, and different blue ray and DVD regions.