Samsung BD C6500 Blu Ray Player With Built-In WiFi and 1GB Memory Review

If you’re looking to enjoy more from your disc player then the Samsung BD-C6500 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player is the right one for you.

Boasting of features and apps, this Blu-ray player will surely keep you in your seat all day long.

Majority of older disc players used to play only DVDs and VHS videos.

Samsung BD C6500The new batch of players from various manufacturers is designed to accommodate more features not only for your great viewing experience.

Samsung has released this BD CB500 blue ray disc player to give their consumers more than just the standard entertainment obtained from standard disc players.

Conntect To Wireless Home Network

The Samsung BD-C6500 1080p blu ray is able to connect with your home network and browse through your favorite online sites.

You only have to key in the IP address and password once so that you do not have to put it in every time you turn on your player.

It automatically stores that information in its 1GB internal memory.

You can easily connect your HDTV and C6500 BD disc player with your home network and play your audio and video files from your laptop or computer. No more unsightly wires!

BD-C6500 featuresThe setup is definitely easy and you just have to read through the manual to get everything right.

Use Online Streaming Services

Your disc player will enable you to stream your music from your files or from Pandora radio. Even watching YouTube videos is as easy as several clicks from your remote. Browse through the site using the remote control to type in your preferred searches. Isn’t that so easy?

The movie buff in you will definitely party with Samsung BDC6500 player. You can subscribe to Netflix or Blockbuster to watch the latest movies without going out to the theaters. All is there in the comfort of your living room.

With a membership package in Netflix, you can watch the TV episodes you have missed. Blockbuster On Demand will give you access to their library of chart-buster movies to watch in your couch.

Customer Reviews

Samsung BD-C6500 is an exemplary Blu-ray player. It offers a variety of options that make the viewing experience better, and it also comes with additional streaming options.

These simple feats alone were enough to garner the attention of many customers, and has managed successful sales. Amazing multimedia support, from PC to YouTube to Pandora, this player can do it all.

It has no problem loading huge amounts of data in movies and pictures, and even first-time users can easily use it. It is a friendly device that provides a plethora of flexibility when choosing to utilize its potential.

One major flaw of this device lies in the fact that it is unable to stream and play a disc at the same time, as audio functions have been reported to stop when internet functions are activated. A lot of customers have faced this issue with no apparent solution to this day.

Samsung BD-C6500 is a fast player for all your quick needs. You will definitely love the connectivity and enjoy the features and apps. Get yourself one now and reach your entertainment needs with a tap of your remote!