Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-Ray Disc Player Review

Movies should be naturally voluptuous in the eyes of every person watching scenes, needless to say, movie buffs.

Samsung made possible the impossible movie experience truly exceptional. Why did I say that?

Samsung BDP1600 playerI am not going to discuss the full details of Samsung BD-1600 blu ray player and its one of a kind features.

What I will tell you how Samsung made our lifestyle all worth splurging to their technology, to name a few, the High Definition and glamorous way of films specially made for people who are born to be “I want movies!”


First and foremost, I believe you have to read the manual to be equipped with enough knowledge and understanding what suits best with Samsung BD1600.

Initially, before ticking your finger in each buttons, I suggest update the firmware and have 1GB disk inserted into the player.

Hence, if you are going to upgrade the system and adopt the latest firmware version, it would be best to have a stable Wi-Fi connection for faster loading.

It will always be an advantage if you have more than 1GB capacity disk.

Compatible Media Formats

What I love about Samsung BD 1600 player is the power to create realistic motions.

Without a doubt, Samsung BD1600 works best in DVDs, DIVX, WMV, mpeg, and in any high definition format.

Internal HDD

Fortunately, almost everyone is downloading movies, so why not insert your dearest 1 Terabyte hard disk and plunge in with your soulful and glamorous movies at sight. Not to mention movies, but also pictures.

Picture Quality

It really captivates me, the photographic scenes almost came too real if you watch it closely (no, not that close).

The fantastic reflected colors, surreal endemic art in every captured detail is truly amazing.

Internet Connectivity

Why settle yourself for less when you can have it in just a flick of your fingers?

Another good reason why it is essential to buy this player, is the window to see wonderful movies online, not to mention YouTube videos, but also watch your favorite TV programs via internet.

Close enough to perfect viewing.

Samsung BD-P1600 is not a perfect after all. I have to be honest with that. I always thought appliances being developed everyday should be superb and extra ordinary.

Sometimes it is both present under one gadget, and, or a major break-even. People say it’s the brand and reputation that carries the technology. They give meaning to our sociable and lifestyles.


Customer Reviews

Samsung BD-P1600 is compatible with various internet services and has rooted itself to be a top-favorite in the line of Blu-ray disc players.

The initial set up is easy, and with access to a variety of entertaining options, this is a machine that makes the good times last. There has been a certain complaint regarding firmware updates ruining the inner system, which is problematic, for this is a device which has many functions.

Nonetheless, this is an exemplary Samsung product that has won a number of hearts. It is definitely of high quality in both audio and video, and offers unique functions for everyone to enjoy.