Samsung LN32C530 32 Inch 1080p LCD TV Review

Everyone wants great entertainment.

Great entertainment can only come from great entertainers such as the Samsung LN32C530.

This is a great source of entertainment with its amazing picture and sound quality.

Samsung LN32C530 TVYou’ll definitely stay put on your couch for hours on end watching your favorite videos and movies and TV shows as well as playing your video games.

Samsung LN32C530- The Ultimate Entertainer

Watch your favorite Blu-Ray movies in this HDTV with no distortion and amazing picture colors. You’d absolutely love this HDTV because of its Full HD resolution which is up to 1080p.

You’ll find that the picture quality is stunning and you will watch more and more of your TV shows, and movies in this TV.

For your utmost enjoyment, the Samsung LN32C530 (also called LN32C530F1F) has a Wide Color Enhancer Pro which delivers full spectrum of colors to give out pictures in lifelike colors.

Samsung LN32C530F1F Features

  • 10Wx2 audio output
  • Wide Color Enhancer
  • ConnectShare Movie
  • 3 HDMI (ver 1.3), HDMI-CEC
  • 2 Components & PC input
  • 80 000:1 contrast ratio gives you crisp colors and saturated images

Never miss out on the details because of the image saturation of this HDTV. It has a 80 000:1 contrast ratio giving you crisp colors and wonderfully saturated images.

You will enjoy every inch of the 32” HDTV wherever you want to install it. You will get detailed images either you are watching movies or your home videos.

Built-In 10W Surround Speakers

TV standYou can go without home theater appliances since this HDTV has two built-in 10 watts speakers. Listen to your audio files straight from your thumb drives, MP3 player or laptop.

Stream your music for everyone to hear in amazing clarity without feedbacks. Surround yourself with sound while watching or playing games.

You can watch an endless stream of channels (up to 181 channels) in this TV for unlimited entertainment.

Game Mode

If you are a game buff then you can play your action-packed games in this 32” widescreen TV. Just switch on the Game Mode and you are set to play. There would be no delays in your gaming with this HDTV’s 60Hz refresh rate. If you want to watch major league events in this TV, you’ll be getting fluid action and less blur.

Family Time

You can plug in your devices and see it on TV. From your thumb drive or digital camera, gather your friends and family and let them see your photos and videos taken during your last trip.

You will enjoy the bonding as well as how the HDTV performs with amazing picture and sound quality. The 3 HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) makes it easier for you to connect your HDTV to other devices.

Energy Saving

Want more? You’ll be getting decreased energy bills by having the LN32C530 since it exceeds Energy Star rating 4.0 by 43%.

This is an energy-efficient piece of appliance that gives you the most wonderful entertainment in your home.

So, you get optimal entertainment for less energy expenditure. It only keeps getting better!

Glossy Black – Always In Style

Other than keeping you stuck in front of the TV, the Samsung LN32C530 is finished in glossy black that will make it an eye-catcher. It will complement with your home décor. And if you keep worrying about watching off-angle, this HDTV is mounted on a swivel stand.

That’s an all-in-one package for you! Aside from wonderful picture and audio quality, this HDTV is environment-friendly too. Get your own Samsung LN32C530 now and experience HDTV at its best.