Samsung UN46C6300 46 Inch HD TV Review

If you want to improve your home entertainment experience, you must also upgrade your equipments.

There has been so many technological innovations that has come out with regards to home electronics especially home theater.

Have you been aware of the latest televisions that promises energy-saving performance and high picture quality.

Samsung UN46C6300Those must be the LED High-Definition televisions that have swarmed the market.

If you are looking for your own HDTV, then the Samsung UN46D6000 LED HDTV would be best for you.

It has high picture quality coupled with connectivity options so you’ll never get wrong with this one.

View your shows and movies and even you PC files in your widescreen now with the amazing color intensity that only an HDTV can offer.

Advanced LED HDTV For Every Home

Enjoy a box of pizza or bowls of popcorn with friends and family with your Samsung UN46D6000. It has a screen size of 46 inches that features 1080 HD resolution that will surely deliver wonderful images for the enjoyment of everybody.

The Ultra Slim Design of this HDTV might make you think twice about the features that can be contained but don’t worry because it is packed with powerful features that will surely transform your living room seem into a movie theater.

You can use the ConnectShare Movie feature to play your movies and videos from your digital camera into your television. If you are running out of shows or movies, you can simply connect your digital camera or a thumb drive to view a slideshow of your photos.

Outstanding Audio and Video Performance

UN46C6300 side viewThe Touch of Color design takes advantage of each pixel to deliver rich colors and brilliant contrasts. The rich imagery that leaps out of your TV will be quite a sight.

The Ultra Clear Panel absorbs the ambient light in your room to minimize reflections and improve the shadow details and skin tones.

You can now download games and other special content with the top quality Blu-Ray player. With the use of your remote, you can adjust the settings of your picture quality to speed up response, sharpen color and other such functions.

There are two 10W speakers integrated in the HDTV for your boombastic sound effects.It supports multi-channel sound with 181-channel capacity.

Customer Reviews

When looking up customer reviews on the Samsung UN46C6300 LED HDTV, words, such as ‘impressive’, ‘amazing’ and similar terms are commonly found.

It is no surprise though, since this is a TV with a horde of awesome features. The quality has been praised very highly, to the point of being called ‘realistic’, proving how the screen makes the pictures come to life.

When not using the HD functions, this TV is still good, since its normal-definition modes are miles ahead of other similar models.

Considering that it is an LED TV to its core, this huge advancement is a step up.

However, there have been complaints about the backlighting being uneven, a problem commonly found in edge-lit LED TVs, as lighter areas can be seen in dark scenes.

The areas affected by this unbalanced monochrome differ between models, and does not reduce the overall picture quality, but it can be an irritating when it occurs repeatedly.