Samsung UN65H8000 Curved 65-Inch Smart LED TV Review

High-definition televisions have flocked the market and consumers are now given too much choices to look into when they are buying a TV for their home theater.

But why should you consider buying this Samsung UN65H8000 Curved HD TV?

Samsung UN65H8000If you have already been a Samsung user, then you already know the quality that these TVs have. They deliver clear picture quality as well great audio to optimize your entertainment.

Not only that high-def TVs from Samsung are also equipped with the latest in motion technology so you see more action than blurred scenes.

Well, the slim and sleek designs are also a big plus especially if you want a complementary TV for your home decor. Just read on to find out how you would benefit from this Samsung TV.

More Than Just A TV

With the powerful features you get to enjoy with this TV, you seriously should consider this when you are upgrading your home theater. It is more than just high-definition with astounding picture and sound quality.

The Samsung UN65H8000 is one of the newest TVs from Samsung and they are equipped with tools for browsing the web.

There is an integrated full web browser plus a potential Google TV portal. The built-in Wi-Fi frees you from those dongles that tend to be bulky and ugly!

Action In 3D

When you are used to watching your films in fast-paced action, then you are not gonna be disappointed with this TV’s ultra fast 240Hz refresh rate. Your sports events and games could be enjoyed to their fullest extent if you have this TV on your entertainment hub at home.

Not only that, it has the active 3D viewing capability. Get those 3D glasses to experience another level of entertainment! You are able to watch 3D content from different sources because this is compatible with different 3D formats.

Stylish 3D TV For Your Home Theater

This is a TV not only for watching movies for. This is the 3DTV that your friends would surely envy.

With the redesigned bezel and ultra slim panel, this is gonna become quite a sight in your home!

Those other models that say “Slim and sleek” would look bulky next to this model.

It is made to flaunt its functionality with its striking beauty.

So, if I were you, what are you waiting for? You better check out the nearest retailer and see if they have this.

Add to that the energy-saving LED edge-lighting that puts up with the ENERGY STAR 4.0 standards.

So all in all, you have an environment-friendly TV with beautiful finish and lots of ways to enjoy entertainment.

Customer Reviews

Samsung UN65H8000 is the kind of television that customers of all ages and levels would love. With its combination of amazing picture quality, stunning sound, LED display, lightweight structure, and user friendly functions, there is no reason anyone would dislike this model.

Internet connectivity is usable with this Samsung set as well, which doubles the entertainment that the customers can get from it.

There have been reports about this TV going out of service after half a year, which is a worrying concern for long lasting usage. Samsung UN65H8000, nonetheless, will manage to meet your demands and satisfy you no matter what.