Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 Review

Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of home electronics. It is no surprise that Sony is a household name for high-tech features and wonderful design.

The company has launched  27 new models in April 2011 to boast, and the shining star among them all is the Sony Bravia XBR-HX929.

With powerful features that deliver excellent image quality and outstanding audio, it is a 3D capable high-definition television that is equipped with a lot of other services for media and online content streaming.

This is probably one of the best choices out there in the market today!

XBR-HX929 Model Range

Sony XBR-HX929 models:

  • 46 inch XBR-46HX929
  • 55 inch XBR-55HX929
  • 65 inch XBR-65HX929

User Review

Sony Bravia XBR-HX929I bought the Sony Bravia from a local Sony Store, and I have had the chance to check out its features.

About its design, I like its panel as it is quite stylish. It has no dead pixels and the picture is sharp and clear.

There has also been no clouding so far. The daylight reflection from the windows is not as bad as that of my previous HDTV which is a Samsung Plasma. I am also impressed with its deep black and white contrast. It is definitely much better than in other LCD televisions.

It is able to connect to my WIFI network fast and its integrated internet service also worked fine.

I am able to stream my MPEG4 720p movies from my UNRAID Twonky media server to the Sony Bravia. I am able to pause, rewind or fast forward the movies and these are actions that I was not able to do on my Samsung PN50B650.

It is also a good thing that the ACR works well with my new Sony STR0DN1020 receiver. It has 3D capability but I haven’t tried watching a 3D film on it yet.

I have tried converting a 2D Blu-Ray movie from my Sony BDP-S570 though and it is quite good. You will be able to adjust the depth of the 3D content depending on your personal preference.

The screen on the base though is not as stable as I had expected it to be. It is not really an issue though as it does not bother me when I watch a film.

There is also a crease which is about ¼ inch wide on the left side of the HDTV. I am not sure if this is because it was not handled properly before I bought it. I will go to the Sony store so as to check if other models have it too or if there is an issue with the HDTV that I have at home.


Local Dimming LED Backlight

The amazing clarity of the images you see from this 3DTV is gonna make you feel like you are really in the scene itself.

The technology used by Sony to achieve this kind of contrast in Sony Bravia XBR-HX929 is their localized dimming which uses independently-controlled LED lights.

These lights turn on and off at certain areas across the screen to give out the inky blacks and bright colors needed in the movie scene.When most slim sets depend on side lighting to achieve this effect, Sony begs to differ.

Easy Access Menus

When you need to tweak things, everything is easily accessible through the menu which is more like that you see from a Playstation, the Xross media bar. You can also use Apple iPad, iPod and even Android Remote Control applications to be connected with your TV’s settings.

There’s just a lot of ways for you to keep in touch with your Bravia and you can not even use the remote control that comes with it if you have the other gadgets mentioned above.

More Cutting Edge Technology

Sony discloses that there are other new technical features that have been added to their newest 3DTV lineups. Without a test or a demo, we cannot yet say improved the image quality would be with the new backlight technology. It is said that this model’s backlight is synced with the LCD panel’s frequency to control the lighting even more.

Nonetheless, you can use Skype with this TV and it is also Internet-ready and compatible with active shutter glasses.