Best TV DVD Combo Review – Small TV With DVD Player Built-In Reviewed (Updated Aug 2018)

Any home entertainment system will not be complete without choosing one of the Best TV DVD Combos of 2018.

In this case, you will be provided with a device that can play your favorites movies and a screen at which it can be seen.

Best TV with DVD ComboThis will prove to be a perfect companion whether you are alone or with your loved ones.

The difficult thing about choosing the best combo of the said devices is the fact that the market is saturated with a lot of options.

As you can see, they differ a lot on different factors, such as brand, size, features, quality, and most importantly, price.

The remaining parts of this article will provide you with more information on the different best TV DVD combi that are currently made available. The products will be grouped according to size, and their features will be mentioned to help you decide which model can be picked.

Let’s start with the small TV with DVD players.

Best TV DVD Combo Sizes


AXESS TV D1801-13AXESS TVD1801-13Check PriceIf you are looking for a small TV with DVD player, you should opt for those that come with 13.3 inches TV screen. TV like Axess TVD1801-13 is an ideal choice for those people who live alone, or for those who are living in small areas and constrained in terms of space for your appliances.

Aside from being small and compact, another good thing about choosing the 13.3-inch TV/DVD combo is that the TV has a wall-mount design. This means that it can be conveniently attached to your wall. It will surely look wonderful, just like a beautiful piece of frame with animated images.

If you are traveling or spending some quality time in a place other than your home, such as on a yacht or on your truck or RV, there will be surely no problem with these combos. They are often AC/DC compatible and can be powered by 12 Volts. Their portability is perhaps one of its selling points, without having to sacrifice the ability to deliver a satisfying viewing experience.

SuperSonic SC-1312 is another model of this size worth checking out.


There are TVs under this product category that comes along with a multitude of ports that makes sure of its connectivity to various devices, not just to the DVD player that comes along with the screen. With this, you will be given flexibility in terms of the gadgets that can be used to enjoy this product.

Even if the TV that comes along with this combo can be relatively small, no need to worry about its product quality. Majority of products has the ability for the conversion of the video to a 720p quality that comes close to what can be offered by HD.

Most of the 15.16-inch models can be powered from 12V power supply just like the smaller TVs, so there is no need to settle for 13-inch TV for your RV.

Axess 15.6 Inch LED Full HDTV TVD1801-15Axess TVD1801-15Check PriceSupersonic SC-1512Supersonic SC-1512Check PriceSceptre Slim 16-inch TV E165WD-SSSceptre E165WD-SSCheck Price


Proscan PLEDV1945A-BProscan PLEDV1945A-B 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV-DVD ComboCheck PriceIf you are looking for a larger screen than what has been earlier mentioned, you can opt for 19-inch TVs with built-in players likeĀ Proscan PLEDV1945A-B that are also as functional, yet bigger by a small fraction. Even such a small difference can do a lot to change your viewing experience.

The loudness and clarity of the sounds of the TV/DVD combo set that fall along this size have been commended by many customers, even at a room that is 250 square feet. It is surprising how a product of such small size can deliver good sounds.

In addition, many customers have also opted for this basically because of its price, which allows them to get the best value from what they have paid for.

Many models are also energy efficient, which means that they consume less electricity.


AXESS TVD1805-22AXESS TVD1805-22 22-Inch 1080p LED HDTV, Features 12V Car Cord Technology, VGA/HDMI/USB Inputs, Built-In DVD Player, Full Function RemoteCheck PriceThe 22-inch TV DVD combo that is being offered by JVC can be one of your best options within this product category. Some of its features include the ability to reduce digital noise and an integrated player that can play a multitude of contents.

Skyworth, Axess, and Naxa also excel in the production of this product category. One of the best things about models like Axess TVD1805-22 is that it runs on 12 volts. However, although minimal in terms of voltage, you should not expect anything less in terms of its performance, as it is comparable to other models with higher voltage.

If you would want to play contents from your memory card, the TV and DVD combis that fall under this size will have the ability to do so. It has slots that will allow you to view contents other than those that are loaded on discs that are being played by the player.


When I wrote first draft of this post, the 24-inch and 28-inch models were not popular. Now the 24in models have almost competely replaced 22in models in the market.


These models have been replaced by larger 32in models that cost the same money.


JVC LT-32DE73Many of products in this category offer the possibility of having multiple connections, which means that you can do more than just watching movies using the built-in player.

You can also conveniently plug gaming consoles and your computer, among other things.

I will not go deep into details about 32-inch models, because we have reviewed them separately here in 32-inch TV DVD combo review.


There used to be multiple manufacturers including Magnavox and Proscan offering combo units with 37-inch screen size, but this screen size is obsolete these days.

If you are looking for a decent size unit, you should consider a 40-inch combo TV.


We are now reviewing 40″ combo units and planning to release a review before the end of this month.




Under Cabinet TV and DVD Combo

Undercabinet Kitchen LCD TV/DVD CombosSadly the popularity of undercabinet multimedia devices is on the decline. They are being replaced by more versatile and portable notebook computers, smartphones and tablet computers.

If you love cooking and if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, make the most out of your time by using kitchen TV and DVD combos that can be placed under your kitchen cabinets. Slice, cook, wash, and do other kitchen chores while watching a good movie, or perhaps, watching a cooking demonstration.

Venturer KLV3915 with 15.4 inch screen is one of the most popular models in this category.

Aside from the fact that the TV/DVD combos under this category already come in a compact size, it will allow you to save even more space because it can be folded when not in use. This means consuming less of your kitchen space.

Are you tired of watching TV and video discs? There is no need to worry. The under-cabinet TV with DVD players are also equipped with radio functions. This will allow you to listen to your favorite FM or AM station if your eyes ever grow tired of being glued to the screen.

Portable TV/DVD Combos

I was considering writing the review about portable TV/DVD combo players, including 12V TV combos and battery powered players. Then I realized that it will be very difficult to find a truly portable combo set.

Why? Let’s check out the terminology first.

The television set is a device with a screen that is capable of receiving a television signal using the built-in TV tuner. The combo device also has built-in DVD player.

The smallest television and DVD combo with TV tuner is 13″ device mentioned in the beginning of this post.

There are also smaller DVD playing devices with 9″, 10″, and 11″ inch screens, but they do not have a television tuner and they lack the capability of receiving the TV programming. They can not be considered TV. These are portable DVD players.

Then there are small televisions with screens as small as 7 inches, but they do not have DVD playing functionality. Many of them can play content from USB storage and SD or MMC cards. So they are television receivers, not combo devices.

So if you are looking for a portable device with screen, you have to choose between small television with multimedia playback capability (except DVD disk playback) and portable DVD player without TV receiver.