Philips Fidelio DS8550 Portable iPod Speaker Dock Review

Philips Fidelio DS8550 is a high-fidelity portable docking speaker for iPods and iPhones that is designed particularly for music lovers on the go.

Philips Fidelio DS8550You simply need to dock your iPod or iPhone on the Philips, even with protective cases on, and you can start listening to music.

Almost all iPod (except iPod shuffle) and iPhone models are supported with the use of its Universal Dock Connector.

Philips’ wOOx Technology

You will be able to hear and feel clean and profound deep bass while still hearing the details of your music thanks to Philips’ wOOx technology.

Fidelio speaker allows you to emphasize the bass content of your tunes and have a richer and more robust sound by activating its Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB).

Take Your Music With You

The Fidelio speaker has an elegant and slim profile so that it easily fits any suitcase. The speaker is protected from wear and tear particularly when traveling as it has a sturdy aluminum finish.

You will be able to carry the Portable Docking Speaker anywhere with you as it comes with a carrying case.

Docking Speaker Features

Fidelio DS8550 and ipadYou can unlock more features of the Fidelio DS8550 if you are using an iTouch or iPhone through its free Fidelio App. This exclusive app allows you to browse your music more easily, check the battery life and control sound settings. You can even have your favorite music as your alarm through the Fidelio App.

You will be able to listen to music continuously for up to 8 hours as it comes with rechargeable batteries. Philips Fidelio Portable Speaker Dock is able to block mobile interference when receiving calls as it features a special shielding technology.

The package also comes with an AC adapter, neoprene carrying case, 2.5 mm auxiliary cable and user’s manual. The price of the Philips Fidelio is reasonable given its top of the class sound technology.

Customer Reviews

The Fidelio DS8550 is, if associated with an exact category of items, a speaker dock. This, of course, requires it to be connected to a device capable of playing audio.

Fortunately, compatibility is never a worry when using this wonderful device. Even though the DS8550 costs more than the older models, the new functions of Bluetooth support, easy charging, sturdier metal frame, stronger controls and a more impressive design, has made it a hit among older and newer customers alike.

The sound quality of this speaker dock is top notch, and it provides tireless entertainment in its line of products. Bass, treble and enhanced audio detailing; everything is controllable and well in this Philips speaker set.

The handle attached to the back makes the whole device easily portable, and using built-in batteries, the speakers are able to work even without plugging-in electricity.

One con that has arisen with this model, is an issue with the remote’s function. When the speakers shut down on their own, it is impossible to have them turned back on without using the remote. This causes certain problems in managing the mobility, but that aside, the new and fresh feeling of the Philips Fidelio DS 8550 is noteworthy.