Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Review – The Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Great news for Xbox gamers! Here’s the Ear Force X42 headset from Turtle Beach that will surely give you the best sound that you have always wanted!

If you are playing your video games on your X360 console, a good headset will surely immerse you into the experience even more.

Turtle Beach Ear Force X 42So get the headphones that give you the clear sound delivery.

Get Serious Sound With X42 Headset

If you are playing your games on your Xbox while wearing this Turtle Beach Ear ForceX42 headset, it would feel like you are way ahead of your enemies.

You will hear the sound before you even see it so that you know what’s coming and you can get prepared for a counter attack.

Get the best sound effects with the Ear Force X42 transmitter which utilizes a 150MPS Digital Signal Processor (DSP). This delivers the common formats for encoding multi-channel sound such as Dolby Digital sound, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, as well as Dolby Headphone sound technologies.

By transmitting radio frequency signals to the headset, you get to hear clear game audio that would rival wired headphones. You don’t have to be in the line of sight of the console to get great sound too. As long as you are within range, you’ll get clear game audio with this headphone.

Talk To Your Teammates

Talk to your teammates with Xbox Live using this X42 because of the Chat Boost Dynamic Talkback Expander. This automatically increases the volume of your chat so that it is not drown in your game sounds. You can hear your teammates even while the game audio is loud. This is very advantageous because it happens automatically, and you don’t have to change your setting every now and then to cope with the volume changes.

x42 packageWhen you are wearing headphones, you find it difficult to hear your own voice, right? Not anymore. With Ear Force X42 headset, the microphone monitoring feature adds a microphone signal so that you still hear what you’re saying through the blasting game audio on your ear.

That is what you will experience when you wear the Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 headset. You get to enjoy your game audio and you can also hear your teammates on Xbox Live. When you are playing your favorite game, you should get the best sound effects so that you truly enjoy it.

Customer Reviews

Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 is the gaming headset of every gamer’s dream, or at least, that is what’s understandable from the huge number of positive responses that it has garnered from customers.

Users have complimented its wireless functions, sound quality, and the microphone, with special focus given on how light the whole thing is. Even though it looks pretty fragile, it definitely is not, as its durability on both the outside structure and its internal systems gives it long-lasting capabilities.

One user has reported that after more than 100 hours of usage (about two months), the quality of this headset is as good as new. Its range is a feature worth of praises, since it can catch signals from quite a distance.

There have been reports about the ear pieces not being very comfortable, especially when compared to similar models. However, just about everyone has agreed that the Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 is a phenomenal device.

Where To Buy?

You can buy Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 on eBay, Walmart, and in many other stores. I suggest to start shopping by checking the price on Amazon.