The Guide To Different Types of Speaker Systems – Indoor, Outdoor, Car Speakers And More

A popular output device, speakers convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves in order to magnify or alter the form of audio that has been input.

Speakers are classified by the devices they support as well as the frequency and amplitude of the waves they create.

There are also different types of speakers, depending on whether they are being operated indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Speakers

Our homes are now furnished with the likes of flat-screen TVs and computers, laptops, tabs, music players and iPods. These devices themselves need supplements to make the experience of using them even more memorable.

Now, we have speakers that can stand on their own to ones that need to be rested on smooth surfaces, speakers that support theaters to those which only support music players. Choose which ones you need!

Free Standing

These speakers, also known as tower speakers, are known as free standing speakers because they can stand on their own, usually placed on the floor.

They have been around longer than surround systems and can still outmatch most speakers in terms of power and definitely in terms of size, with only home cinema speakers outpacing it.


Energy CB-10 bookshelf speakers

As can be understood from the name itself, bookshelf speakers are not to be set down on the ground but are usually rested on the countertop of a bookshelf or computer desk.

Although they are not as powerful as floor standing speakers, due to their optimum placement where noise reaches ears faster, the sound frequency is given off perfectly.

Whether they are big or small, bookshelf speakers are certain to fill up an entire room with sound.

There are probably hundreds of such speakers that could easily fit in any place, offering flawless audio quality. If you are looking for an exceptional sound quality it may be a good idea to read our Klipsch B-20 Synergy review.


Subwoofers are different from their counterparts for the main unique feature of being able to emit low frequency bass. They usually work as a supplement to surround sound systems but can really bring out the special sound effects while watching particular types of movies or programs.

They come in different sizes and power levels but a subwoofer that can be powered on its own is usually preferred.

As a matter of fact, users state that bookshelf speakers bring sounds to life, with their sheer perfection. The most frequent complaint about this type of speakers is insufficient bass depth, so adding the subwoofer like Klipsch Synergy Sub-12 is an idea worth considering.

Floor Standing

Polk Audio Monitor 70Floor standing speakers are normally larger in size than its peers in the category of indoor speakers because their structure allows them to be placed on the floor on their own.

They are also more powerful in terms of noise decibels and therefore, are also more expensive to buy than other types of indoor speakers.


Soundbars and Speakers For TV

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar

Soundbars allow you the listening experience of the same kind of sound as a home theater speaker system but instead of taking up a lot of space, these TV speakers are compact in nature and only demand the space of perhaps even a single cabinet. They may even be tall in structure and can stand on their own.

The perfect negotiation, when you cannot pick between different speaker sets, soundbars are perfect for customers if they are looking for something moderately expensive.

For instance, not everyone is willing to buy a home theater system. Also, the television’s audio system may not be up to par. In such situations, one could buy a soundbar that does well in dealing with both the aforementioned issues.

Soundbars are literally shaped as bars, offering terrific audio quality. Moreover, they suit any kind of setups that the users decide on. Although most require analog connections, a few come with Bluetooth options.

Orbitsound T12v3 Soundbar

Orbitsound T12v3 Soundbar

Philips Fidelio DS7550 Portable Speaker Dock

Philips Fidelio Premium DS7550

Sony HT-CT370

Speaker Audio Docks

Speaker docks are sound systems that can support an electronic device by operating its regulator, such as playing back music, as well as even recharging the device’s battery.

Connection takes little or no effort and there are speaker docks that do not require any kind of plugging in of cables at all these days.


Portable Bluetooth

Portable Bluetooth speakers saved us from the trouble of connecting cables to a device in order to reach higher sound quality.

Although, now we have numerous types of Bluetooth speakers, each with a different function or serving a specific model, the main purpose remains the same: no more speaker cables.



As the name suggests, computer speakers are built solely to magnify the sound emitting from computers and other such devices such as a tablet or laptop or even a music player.

They come in a wide variety of types; from stereo speakers to even home theatre surround sound systems.



Home Cinema

Home cinema speakers are a necessary device if you wish to enjoy full-fledged theater style cinema experiences on your flat screen TVs. Why is it necessary? Nowadays, most films are made for a surround sound system so watching a movie without the home cinema speakers means missing half the fun.

The name itself says it all; these speakers could fill an entire room with its audio input, as it is meant to do so.

Coming in countless models, home cinema speaker sets have immaculate structures and look. While the first few models may have come in pairs, today’s home cinema speaker sets consist of even five or six speakers. Naturally, this adds tons of fun to the cinema-at-home experience.

Compared to the bookshelf speakers and soundbars, the home cinema speaker sets are often more powerful. Also, they are a sublime addition to your home décor and entertainment.

Please check out the Mirage Nanosat 5.1 home cinema speaker set review!

Home Theater 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound Systems

Mirage Nanosat 5.1 home cinema speaker setThere are basically two more popular types of surround systems and they are the 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems.

The 5.1 is made up of five speakers and a subwoofer, thus the term “5.1”- the 5 is for the five speakers and the .1 is for the subwoofer.

The 7.1 is quite similar except that it has two additional speakers.


Center Channel Speakers

Center speaker are one of those speakers that work as a complement device to the surround sound system.

The center speaker is not connected to the left and right front channels so the volume can be adjusted accordingly without having to change the volume of the two channels.

This offers a lot less hassle while watching films which are action-packed and offer more sound at varying times.

Built-In Speakers

These are loudspeakers that come with an additional amplifier for increasing the power of the emitted sound. Built-in speakers are preferable due to their compact nature; they do not take up any extra space on floors and shelves.

The necessary wiring may be tactfully hidden behind the walls, reducing unnecessary hassle. There are mainly two types of these speakers: in-ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers.


The term speaks for the product itself: in-ceiling speakers are placed into ceilings in order to leave more space for floors and to also effectively reduce the possibility of people tripping over wires.

Another advantage that comes from using this kind of speaker is that the sound emits from up, producing a greater effect.



They may be a bit harder to install but they have one undeniable quality: they effectively emit higher sound quality without disturbing the aesthetic quality of the room they have been set up in.

The wires attached run through the wall and come out from drilled studs at the floor or ceiling.



Outdoor Speakers

Speakers are required to enrich the sound quality inside not only our houses but also other locations where we spend our time, like your garden or poolside.

Outdoor speakers have the ability to bring sound to us anytime and anywhere without getting in our way or standing out in public spaces, be it through wall outdoor speakers or rock speakers.


Speakers For Vehicles

Commuting to and from work has become such a regular aspect of our life that adorning your prized vehicles with the right speakers seem an equally standard protocol to follow. Considering the fact that there are different kinds of vehicles with their own sizes and models, speakers too have been classified accordingly.


The most popular form of vehicle is the one with the larger number of type of speakers. Indeed, there are three main types of speakers for cars: component, subwoofer and coaxial.

In case of component speakers, for the perfect sound quality to be achieved, three items need to be installed: tweeters for highest frequencies, woofers for the lowest and mid-rangers work in-between the extreme levels.




Subwoofers may also be considered a form of component speakers as like tweeters, they also allow buyers to enjoy the highest sound frequencies. They can even go up to 200 Hz but may be altered to operate at around 80 Hz.



Lastly, coaxial, or “full range”, speakers work as a single unit to produce all ranges of sound frequencies instead of using multiple components. This also makes them less expensive and at the same time, more compact.




Although boats usually have their own set of audio speakers, marine speakers are a must if you want a product that is well built enough to withstand bad weather conditions and the sea levels while at the same time, powerful enough to produce great sound quality amongst all the other marine noises.




You no longer need the assistance of Bluetooth headsets attached inside your helmet to accompany you as you venture out for the ride of a lifetime.

Motorcycle speakers can be attached between or on the handlebars of your vehicle, allowing you and a fellow passenger to enjoy perfect sound quality, without distracting you from driving.



How do bike speakers work? It’s a simple procedure. These speakers can be synced to Bluetooth devices so just connect the speaker to your phone or any other audio device and stream music to the speaker. These products are usually waterproof and have a long-lasting battery so you don’t have to worry about the music stopping down.