Zoom H2n Handy Portable Audio Recorder Review

Well, are in search of a recorder that can be projected at any position?

The Zoom H2n Handy Portable Stereo Recorder is what you are looking for.

Zoom H2n recorderWith advance technology, you can record sound or music at any position you put it.

It will provide you with the convenience you have been looking for.

If you need a handy stereo recorder, no other brands can give you the powerful features found in this very handy recorder.

Multiple Microphone Modes

H2n uses Mid-Side and X/Y microphone patterns and signaling so it can record all your sounds at any position/degrees.

mid-side and x/y microphone recording modesIt has this auto gain controller that can check the stability of your sound to assure the high-stereo quality. You can also set the level and effects of your masterpiece as you go.

This Zoom H2n recorder has a low-cut filter to ensure minimal wind and hissing noise from your background so you get clear audio in the recording.

Also, it has an on-board bass tuner to eliminate any unwanted noise for high-stereo quality.

So, you can even record a rehearsal without the mess up effect of the bass.

Long Recording Time

With a 16-bit/44.1kHz format of your recording, you can store up to 16 GB of audio and you can also have a recording running for a whole day. If you use an MP3 format you will be stunned for it can work up to 280 hours straight.

Plus, you can do playback of music with the use of 1/8” stereo inputs for your headphones or you can use the free earbuds that come with this package.

It has a USB 2.0 jack so you can directly archive your pieces into your computer.

You may also use the H2n’s USB Mic to do so. The recorder has a time stamping function to know the hours spend in a certain recording.

Portable and Light

h2ns lcd displayThis small H2n recorder is packed up with all the features needed for intensified recording. It has backlit LCD for a more convenient way of seeing the features and menus of the recorder.

With the use of this backlit display you will be notified of the level, time, file name and remaining power supply of your recorder. With the active LED light for your mic, you will know if you are recording or not.

Zoom H4n vs H2n

Additional Accessories

If you need accessories for your H2n recorder, you should check out the accessory package APH-2n.

It includes:

  • wired remote control with an extension cable
  • windscreen
  • USB AC adapter
  • USB cable
  • tripod stand
  • padded shell case
  • mic clip adapter

Customer Reviews

The Zoom H2n Recorder has garnered quite a bit of a mixed response since its release into the international markets.

A lot of knowledgeable users have deemed it to be an awesome addition to any musician’s collection of tools. This small, yet powerful device has sensitive sound recording features that can pick up on the tiniest of details.

Like all small devices, though, the Zoom H2n recorder suffers a rather bad praise in having unimpressive durability, as stated by a few customers. The remote port and long battery life, somewhat make up for these issues.